Caring and loving dog sitter!

Service Prise en charge et/ou retour du chien au domicile du maître Frais *
Hébergement 10 € / parcours. Distance maximum : 2 km 14 €
Jours fériés 16 €
Garderie de jour Non 11 €
Jours fériés 13 €

* Les tarifs ne comprennent pas la commission de Gudog.

Disponibilité mis à jour il y a environ un mois

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I am a reliable and caring person who has been around pets my entire life. I love nature and i live close to the Luxembourg garden, which is a pet friendly park. I have a roommate, so whenever I am not available, she is, so your pet will never be without care.
I am from Brazil, and there I used to live in a house with a lot of pets! I don't have any problems with bigger dogs!
I am permanently residing in Paris with my roommate, who also loves pets! We are ready to welcome your pet at our home.

Thank you!

Tarif de Hébergement
14 € / nuit
Tarif de Garderie de jour
11 € / jour
Ville Paris
Adresse Rue Des écoles
Type de logement Appartement
Zones extérieures Non