Doglover a Boulogne

Service Prise en charge et/ou retour du chien au domicile du maître Frais *
Hébergement 10 € / parcours. Distance maximum : 5 km 23 €
Jours fériés 25 €
Promenade Inclus dans le tarif
Distance maximum : 5 km
15 €
Jours fériés 18 €
Garderie de jour 10 € / parcours. Distance maximum : 5 km 25 €
Jours fériés 30 €

* Les tarifs ne comprennent pas la commission de Gudog.

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Bonjour. I'm a Irina and a true dog lover:) I had dogs in my family all the time since my childhood and can't imagine my life without dogs at all. But I can't have my own dog in Paris because of many business trips... That's why I'm so much happy to be a dogsitter!) That's the best hobby in the life! I do it almost 2 years here and had so many different dogs - small/big/ boys/girls - and with all of them get at ease just simply because I loved them. I have quite specious flat and park (Bois de Boulogne) where I usually walk with them.

Tarif de Hébergement
23 € / nuit
Tarif de Promenade
15 € / heure
Tarif de Garderie de jour
25 € / jour
Ville Boulogne-Billancourt
Adresse Boulevard Jean Jaures
Type de logement Appartement
Zones extérieures Non